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This new theme has a “plain text look, balanced with careful spacing”.

Don’t let the minimalist look fool you into thinking there won’t be many customizable options. Monospace Theme has included all sorts of colors, sizing options, and lots of little neat features (like choosing the link style).

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A three-columned grid theme with ultra-brash colors and a responsive layout that works with infinite scroll.

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Norbert is described by the Beaver Badger Co as the “theme for romantic creatives”.

Norbert has a massive header, and full-sized posts. The typography on this theme looks fantastic, and the theme has a slight vintage feel to it (the theme packs a retro texture for the header!).

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Silver Soul

Fickle Dreams

Theme by Ernest Ojeh with bright orange highlights and a clean, rounded design.

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Simple Webcomic Theme (Version 4)

We normally don’t review new versions of the same theme here on Theme Guide (as most updates are just incremental improvements), but the latest version four of the SImple Webcomic Theme is a massive shift from the original Simple Webcomic Theme we reviewed. In fact, it has even been given its own separate page on the Tumblr Themes site.

Simple Webcomic Theme now packs a fresh design, providing a “clean, highly customizable blog layout with extra care given to typography and usability.”

Like the first one, it’s still fully-responsive and clearly designed for your very own comic on Tumblr. Be sure to check out the theme options page, which has webcomics-specific features in bold.

Overall, version 4 is an essential, and free, upgrade worth getting if your comic site needs an extra punch of features.

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Yesterday is described as a “breath-taking grid theme” by Olle Ota Themes.

Yesterday has a fairly unique way of displaying the grid—with content that “floats” in the center, on top of a custom background image.

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A neat one-column theme with customizable colors and logo, and the first Tumblr theme from Morenheit.

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Mundi is named after the Latin for “clean” (see you learn something new every time you search for Tumblr themes!).

Taking after the Latin name, Mundi is a minimal Tumblr theme with a slim single-column of posts.

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Kawaii Pixel

An allegedly kawaii Tumblr theme (readers, please confirm), it’s described as a “cute theme for all you anime and retro blogs out there”.¬†

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New York A beautiful free theme, only at Olle Ota Themes