Theme Guide


Yesterday is described as a “breath-taking grid theme” by Olle Ota Themes.

Yesterday has a fairly unique way of displaying the grid—with content that “floats” in the center, on top of a custom background image.


A neat one-column theme with customizable colors and logo, and the first Tumblr theme from Morenheit.


Mundi is named after the Latin for “clean” (see you learn something new every time you search for Tumblr themes!).

Taking after the Latin name, Mundi is a minimal Tumblr theme with a slim single-column of posts.

Kawaii Pixel

An allegedly kawaii Tumblr theme (readers, please confirm), it’s described as a “cute theme for all you anime and retro blogs out there”. 


A one-column theme for minimalists, with handy features for “Full Width Photos”, infinite scroll, and a full-height header.

View the demo for a better feel of the theme’s features.


Super-clean theme by Yong Ju, with a grid layout.


A clean lightweight theme by Jen Yuan, features include a responsive layout and slide-out sidebar.


A stunning new Tumblr theme from Showkaku Sano, Zen has an “ultra-simple and beautiful zen-style”.

It’s highly recommended to check out the demo for Zen, it looks especially good with photography.


Clean, responsive, and a grid layout. What more could you (hypothetically) want? 


An absolutely beautiful theme by Kazunori Miura. I love the sharp posts, and customizable header on this theme.

Disqus and Google Analytics support come packaged out of the box.


A classic blog layout. with a wide sidebar, that purports to be lightweight and simple to use.


New York A beautiful free theme, only at Olle Ota Themes